Art competition


Emergeng Artists

Alex Lorieau

Titre : Covidanse
Format : 40 x 24 pouces
Médiums : Peinture acrylique et aérosol sur panneau

Charles-Claudel Côté-Guilmette

Titre : Claudia
Format : 14 x 11 pouces
Médium : Acrylique

Jean-Philippe Fortin

Titre : La rencontre
Format : 30 x 40 pouces
Médium : Acrylique sur toile
Prix : 1 440 $

Élaine Fournier

Titre : Les beautés de Maiori

Format : 24 x 36 pouces
Médiums mixtes : acrylique, pâte, collage divers
Prix : 1 296 $

Vicky Gagné-Vaillancourt

Titre : Lyli
Format : 40 x 30 pouces
Medium : acrylique sur toile
Prix : 1500 $


Line Desrochers

Titre : La Rencontre des Alphas
Format : 20 x 40 pouces
Prix : 1 840 $

Nathalie Migneault

Titre : Un géant sans pareil
Médium : Acrylique
Prix : 2100 $

Jean-Pierre Pelletier

Titre : Le Matador partie 2
Médiums : techniques mixtes sur bois
Format : 12 x 12 pouces
Prix :

Sandra Morellato

Titre : Temps de Pose
Format : 20 x 16 pouces
Médium : Acrylique sur toile
Prix : 995 $

Nathalie Lainesse

Médium mixte
Format : 16 x 20 pouces
Prix : 520 $ enc

Artists from
Urbania Art gallery 

Michel Laverdière

Titre : 24 juin rue St-Jean
Format : 30 X 40 pouces
Médium : acrylique
Prix : 3 300 $

Nadjejda Gilbert

Titre : La perle
Format : 36 po X 18 po X 1,5 po
Médiums : Acrylique et collage sur toile galerie
Prix : 650 $

Wilfrid Barbier

Titre : Château Frontenac
Réalisé aux crayons de couleur
Médium : Prismacolor Premier sur carton bristol
Format : 24 x 14 pouces
Prix : 1 800 $

Annie Pelletier

Titre : Les beaux jours reviendront
Format : 30 x 30 pouces
Médium : Huile
Prix : 1 550 $

Competition for emerging and experienced artists
You have to participate before the end of 7 June 2020!

If you’ve created an incredible piece of work in 2020 and are having a hard time making yourself known, A Path to Art contest is a great publicity opportunity. It is also an opportunity to become an artist in an art gallery that allows you to exhibit your work and live that dream. This art competition is open to artists working on all media and offers a boost to start an artistic career. Created by the Urbania Art Gallery in collaboration with DeSerres, this competition will select 15 artists for the semi-finals who will see their work presented at a special web exhibition and six finalists who will exhibit at the Urbania Art Gallery in June 2020 and in July at DeSerres. Art is essential to society and we need softness and colour in our décor.

Three categories of participants :

  1. Emerging Artist : No Experience Required;
  2. Experienced Artist : Having already done a group or individual exhibition;
  3. Urbania Art Gallery Artist : Be part of the Urbania Art Gallery’s team of artists.

Only one piece of work per artist : All techniques, mediums and canvases will be accepted.

The piece of work’s creation date : 2020

Format : 40 x 30 inches or less (square or rectangle)

Registration opens May 18, 2020

Closing date : The contest ends on June 6 and the selected artists will be notified from June 8.

International artists are accepted. Employees of the Urbania Art Gallery cannot participate in the competition.

Criteria :

  1. Technique used
  2. Treatment of the subject
  3. Emotion of the piece of work

Many awards : See the chart

  • Advertising on social networks with more than 10,000 contacts (google, gallery website, Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram);
  • Promote your artist’s portrait;
  • Virtual exhibition and showcase at the Urbania Art Gallery in June 2020;
  • Exhibition at DeSerres in July 2020;
  • Honorary certificate;
  • DESERRES GIFT CARDS (3x $100, 3 x $50, 3 x $25 = $525).
  1. Registration : Like the Urbania Art Gallery’s Facebook page: or
  2. Pay the application fee : $25 : Complete the short form and put a picture of your piece of work . (The competition is now over)

We thank you for your participation and we wish you all good luck!

Thanks to DeSerres for their precious collaboration.

If you want to become a DeSerres Zone member :

@DESERRES http://https//

Urbania Art Gallery

Phone: 418-999-9862

112, Street Saint-Paul

Québec (Québec) G1K 3V9

Any dispute regarding the organization or conduct of an advertising contest may be submitted to the Régie des alcools, des courses et des jeux for a ruling. A dispute over the awarding of a prize may be submitted to the Régie only for the purpose of an intervention for attempt to resolve it.

Thank you very much and we look forward to working with you for the rest of the exhibitions over the next two months.

Urbania art gallery and Deserres